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All I can do is sigh

And be happy that the humans are home again.

I haven't written much, because I was just beside myself for a while. Everything was going just fine, for the most part, until Queenie and Auk left. This was sometime Thursday afternoon. Sure, they leave from time to time, but they didn't come back. And then, an intruder came in to check on Phoebe and me. The intruder called herself, "SIGH-yah," and I was NOT happy with this. I hid under the bed. I hissed. I was very upset.

I figured, well, I can eat tomorrow, when Queenie and Auk return. They didn't. They didn't return on Saturday either. This Sighyah intruder and I had to deal with eachother a few more times. Phoebe liked Sighyah enough, and she even asked me to come out. But nope. I wouldn't have any of it.

However, my stomach gave in sometime Saturday night, and I ate, because I was really hungry. Still- no Queenie and Auk. I was beginning to feel traumatised. I asked Phoebe if we'd been abandoned by our staff. At least when Queenie's mum came to look after us, I was okay with that. Afterall, she's Queenie's mum. Not some INTRUDER!

Then, Sunday came. Sometime in the late afternoon (during my naptime), Queenie and Auk returned. I was so happy. I ate some food. Queenie went to bed at 6pm, and I went with her. I stayed with her, not letting her out of my sight- purring constantly. I was with her when she rose from bed at 3pm yesterday too. I've pretty much not let Queenie out of my sight since Sunday. She's left the house a couple of times, but I'm at the door when she returns.

I'm relieved that Auk and Queenie have returned.

But I'm afraid I'll lose them again.
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