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I'm sitting next to Queenie, and she informed me that it's been well over a month since I last updated. Well, that's not entirely MY fault, you know.

So, how have you all been?

I'll tell you all about life since December when's it called. Shortly after my last entry, Queenie and Auk shut down their computers, (which left me journal-less), packed their bags, and left. That's right, they left us. Some blonde girly named Jenny stayed with us for the rest of the time.

I was NOT HAPPY about this. I spent most of the time either hiding under the bed, or in the guest bathroom sink. I had to do my eating ONLY when that girl was asleep. And Phoebe LOVED this girl. I didn't get it. So Phoebe and I weren't talking much either. I told her that she was a traitor, and that I was sure Queenie and Auk were coming back.

Days went by, and still no return of the original humans. That Jenny girl was determined for me to co-exist with her. She and her MANLY friend would NOT LEAVE!!!! GAH! But finally, I started to realize that this Jenny had no intention of eating me, so I began to come out of my shell slowly.

One day, Queenie, Auk, and the FLOWER (Auk's dad- don't ask me how a flower can father a bird) returned. Well, I was miffed at the two, but had nothing against Flower, since we've met before, and he tends to ignore me. Apparently, he doesn't really like cats, because they eat mice. Well, I don't eat mice. I nap, and eat Hills' C-D, thank you very much!

Then, shortly after I revelled in the bliss of having everyone home, everyone was gone again. That Jenny and her MAN friend were back, and they did some naughty things- I won't share here, necessarily. I was tolerant this time, and Phoebe was all lovey- traitor. A couple of days later, Queenie and Auk were back.

Well, quite frankly, I was tired of having my quiet world turned upside down. The turtles are screwing each other's brains out, Phoebe's being ruthless, and now THIS from the humans. I was mad. But Queenie was sick. She didn't get out of bed much over the next few days. I was worried then, and forgot my anger. Instead, I stayed with her, keeping vigilance. Poor girl.

Funny, she doesn't have a fever now, but she still sleeps a lot. I'm a little worried about her, because- well, she seems blue about something. She doesn't say much, but she scratches my favorite spots on my back, and tells me I can't go in the garage. She feeds me too, and we call it a day. But what does one like me do to fix a broken Queenie?

That's about it for now. I'm going back to sleep for a while. Hi everyone! Let me know how things are out there!
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