oliver_j_taco (oliver_j_taco) wrote,

Update in the life of a benevolant cat.

Well, I must admit that things were just peachy until the humans started filling up boxes a month ago. Well, okay, maybe it was from before that event.

It all began when the humans up and left. You know the signs that lead up to it (clothes carrying boxes- they call em suitcases, etc.), so I knew it was going to be bad. But they were gone for a long time too. That meant that scary strangers came in to feed us on occasion. Fuzzball Phoebe didn't mind the attention, but I did. I spent the better part of a week under the bed. HOW COULD THEY LEAVE US?!?!?!?!?

But THEN, it got worse, I tell you. Boxes were set up, and things that Phoebs and I took for granted, were slowly disappearing. THEN, there was the trip itself. I don't mind riding in cars so much, but Fuzzbutt hates it. She cried the entire trip (which was about five minutes- not even a cat napping moment, really). But to sum it all up, we moved. I haven't been back to our blessed yard since that car trip. I guess this means we're stuck here.


A little white fuzzy dog comes to visit us on occasion. She seems harmless, about the size of me, actually. But she's still a viscious canine, and I'm dreadfully scared of her, the humans, and all the other scary sounds that resonate in this house. One nice thing is, we have a huge porch that we can sit on. It gives us a delightful view of many a winged creature. I find the bird songs so alluring, and phoebe finds the flying insects so appetizing. So I guess the move can't be all that bad.

Anyway, I realize I've missed a lot over the last fortnight or longer. But I thought I would relay my melodramatic sob story (and it IS one) to all of my lovely friends here.

And how are you?
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